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Albanian's Nature

Albania’s natural treasures, wild plants and medicinal herbs found in huge quantities in fields and mountains, create employment opportunities for approximately 100,000 Albanian rural dwellers.

Around 3,000 different species of plants grow in Albania, of which over 250 species possess medicinal and aromatic qualities and are used for those purposes .


Handpicked Products

Most medicinal herbs and aromatic plants harvesters are people living in the rural and mountainous areas of the country. They harvest in the areas near their homes and dry herbs by laying them on plastic sheets in the floors of their houses or on stones in the mountains. Drying takes place in sunlight. Harvesters store them in their houses until collectors / exporters go and purchase them


Ethically Wild-crafted and Harvested Plants

Wild harvest of medicinal herbs and aromatic plants is an important part of the traditional rural economy in Albania, which has a rich history as a major center of herb commerce between east and west.

We make every effort to source and select ingredients from natural renewable sources, and we are dedicated to the conservation of plants and the preservation of their natural habitat.

An agronomist, with a dream and love for her country..

BIOALBCO Herbal Products was founded in 2009 by Mrs. Fatmira Guzina an Agronomist with long experience with botanicals.

BIOALBCO is her initiative to promote Albania’s natural treasure, wild plants, and medicinal herbs found in huge quantities in fields, hills, and mountains areas, which created employment opportunities for rural communities, especially for women.


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